-Is the freezing point of ice cream lower or higher than the freezing point of water?

-To freeze ice cream, what temperature must it be?
below 0

-What does adding salt to ice do?
produces melting of ice

-Is this an endothermic reaction(requires energy) or exothermic reaction (Gives off energy)?
endothermic reaction

-Out of (ice, milk, salt, vanilla, sugar) Which of the 5 ingredients do you want IN the ice cream?

-Which of the 5 ingredients should NOT be in?

-Why are there 2 bags?
on to put the ice so we can freeze the liquid inside to make ice cream

-What state of matter was the milk when you began?

-What state of matter was the milk when you were done?

-In order to change the phase of the milk, what had to be removed?
the temprature

-What happened to the heat energy that left the milk?
melted the ice

-Why was salt added to the ice?
makes ice lower temprature

-If you did not add sugar, would the ice cream freeze faster or slower? Why? Explain, using your knowledge of chemistry.
faster because sugar takes longer to disolve

-Why did the outside of the bag get wet? (assume that your bag did not spring a leak.)
the temprature outside the room is diffrent when the ice melts it releases energy

-Describe the transfer of energy that occurred in this lab.
cold from the ice transfered to the ice cream

-How could you improve your recipe?
less vanilla