. What is the simple scale we use everyday to determine what is large and small?
2. What did most people assume was the center of the unchanging universe?
3. What did Galileo see on the moon with his telescope?
-it had mountains
4. What is represented by each of these following circle sizes?
1 meter =a hula hoop
1000 meters or 1 kilometer =city center
6 powers of 10 (1 x 10
meters) =earth
8 powers of 10 (1 x 10
meters) =moon
13 powers of 10 (1 x 10
meters) =entire solar system
5. What is a light year?
-the distance light travels in a entire year
6. How many years would traveling to the nearest star take?
-5 light years
7. What did Anton van Leeuwenhoek invent?
8. What is one of the two particles inside the nucleus of an atom?
9. How long would the collision of two galaxies really last?
-a billion years
10. What is the name for exploding stars?
-super nova
11. What is the bacteria that is thought to have first produced oxygen called?
-blue green bacteris
12. Why are black holes called “black holes”?
-because they are black and they swallow everything