-What spongebob did wrong was that he didnt compare the fertilizer to a different one but to its self. All he did was change the amount of sunlight each pot got.
-He should compare it to a different fertilizer.
-Problem-He wants to see if the new fertilizer will plant more flowers.
-Hypothesis- I think the one with sunlight will grow more flowers
-Independent-The amount of fertilizer he put in
-Dependent- the flowers that grow

I think that the snail snacks work but on only some people because everyone else was different than eachother.
Problem- He isnt the smartest snail
Hypothesis- I thinks he can be smarter by eating snail snacks
Independent-How Many snacks they ate.
Dependent-How it worked for the snail that ate it.
Answer to question yes the snacks do work.

He can get 4 other people give them each a different brand of bubble gum and see who blows the biggest bubble and just go with that gum.
Problem-He wants to blow the biggest bubble but doesnt know what gum does that
Hypothesis- I think every gum will be different
Independent- Bubble gum
Dependent-How big the bubble is