Alpha Particlep- A particale with two protons and two neutrons ,with a charge is equivalent to a helium-4 nucleus can be represent as and is emitted during radioactive decay.
Alpha Radiation- radiation that is made up of alpha particles .
Atom-The smallest particle of and element that retains all th properties of that element.
Atomic Mass unit- One- tweflth the mass of a carbon -12 atom
Atomic number- The numer of protons in a atom.
Beta Particle-A high speed electron with a 1-charge that i emitted during radioactive decay.
Beta radiation-Radiation that is made up of beta particles,Deflected towards a postively charge plate when radiation from radioactive source is directed between two electrically charged plates.
Cathode Ray- A ray of radiation that orginiates from the cathode ray tube.
Dalton's Atomic Theory- A theory proposed by john dalton in 1808,marked the beginning of te development of modern atomic theroy.
Electron- A negatively charged , fast moving particle with an extremely small mass that is found in all forms of matter and moves.
Gamma Ray- High-energy radiation that has no electrical charge and mass,is not deflected by electric or magnetic fields.
Isotope- Atoms of the same element with the same number of protons but different numb of nuetrons
Mass number- A measure of the amount of matter.
Neutron- An neutral subatombic particle in an atom's nucleus that has a mass nearly equal to that of proton.
Nuclear Equation- A type of equation that shows the atomic number of the particles involved.
Nuclear Reaction- A reaction that invovles a change ithe nucleus of an atom.
Nucleus- The extremely small ,positively charged , dense center of an atom that contains positively charge protons.
Proton - A subatomic particle in an atom's nucleus that has a postive charge of 1+.
Radiation- The rays and particles, - alpha and beta particles and gamma rays - that are emitted by radioactive materials.
Radioactive Decay- The spontaneous process in which unstable nuclei lose energy by emitting radiation
Radioactivity - The process in which some substances spontaneously emit radiation