1. What is anything that occupies space and has weight? (Matter)

2. What is one example of something that is not matter?(Light)

3. What are two physical properties of an apple?(color& taste)

4. What is a physical properties of deodorant?(Odor)

5. What phase of matter does a solid firework become when it explodes?(Colorful Gas)

6. What are the four physical states of matter?(Soild,Liquid,Gas,Plasma)

7. In speaking about solids, what two things are definite?(Volume&&Shape)

8. In speaking about liquids, what is the one thing that is definite?(volume)

9. In speaking about gases, is there anything definite?(NO)

10. Can a gas have volume and weight?(No)

11. In speaking about plasma, is there anything definite?(no)

12. What do we call a substance with particles that are all the same?(element)

13. What phase of matter is glass considered to be?(thick liquid)

14. What is it called when two or more elements chemically combined to form a new substance?(compound)

15. What is the chemical formula for water?(h20)

16. Is water an element or a compound?(compound)

17. Can a compound be separated by simple physical methods?(no)

18. Do mixtures have a definite composition?(no)

19. How is sand separated from water?( A strainer)

20. How is iron separated from sand?(A magnet)

21. What is the boiling temperature of water?(A 100 degrees centigrade)

22. What is the freezing temperature of water?(0 degrees centigrade)

23. What type of change is freezing, melting, or boiling?(Physical change)

24. What two things are needed to find density?(Mass & Volume)

25. Which has more density, wood or iron?(Iron)

26. In which phase are the molecules the closest together?`(soild)

27. In which phase are the molecules the farthest apart?(gases)

28. What happens to most objects when heated?(Thermal Expansion)